about Cosmic Tom

Tom Harris was the dispatcher at the Yellow Cab Company of Bloomington, Indiana for many years, until he passed away in 2007. The artist and creator of ‘Cosmic Tom-ix’, Rich Reardin, worked for a time at the cab company, and spent much of his time drawing comics while he waited for fares during 12 hour shifts. Tom and Rich became good friends, and his incredible sense of humor inspired Rich to create the character, ‘Cosmic Tom’. Rich’s alternate ego became his driver number ‘Eleven’, and so it became the comic strip in 1996.
Rich would lampoon other drivers, and the Cab company management, posting comics daily in the waiting area of the cab stand. Other characters in the strip came from another driver and friend at the time, ‘Tex’, and Rich’s girlfriend who became ‘Chakra’. Also a notable re-occuring character was ‘Yup Natok’, a grey alien who also drove a cab in town.

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